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A Little Drawing

Welcome to Brooke and Kirby.

A comic about my fan character Brooke and Kirby. This is the first webcomic I ever posted here, so expect some mistakes. And don't expect updates daily. I can sometimes get Author's block.

Nearing 100 Comics

I can't believe I'm almost at 100 comic pages for this comic. And I had no idea that I would have, like 12 fans for this comic! I was expecting there to be less, actually. I'm glad you guys like this comic! I am not sure if I should do a 100 comic page celebration or not, for I don't know what I would do for it. Plus, I wouldn't want to interrupt the main plot. But I'm glad you guys enjoyed this comic I made. I'll do my best to get to 100 comics, and make this comic the best it can be!

posted by Divine Knight @ May 19th, 2012, 9:02 pm   1 comments


Just so you guys know, until I find out how to add links to the different options of what you can view, I will be posting links to where I get the sprites I use:

The Spriter's Resource


Now you know where I get the sprites that I use from.

posted by Divine Knight @ February 24th, 2012, 7:04 pm   1 comments

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